Tora Tora Branding Group is a full-service advertising agency based in Muskoka.

We believe brands exist in constant evolution. We are invested in the creation and progression of dynamic brands that never stop moving forward. Brands that remain relevant in times of change. Brands that strive to be more and do more.

We partner with businesses that are hungry for growth, excited by innovation, and unafraid to forge new trails to unprecedented success. We produce moving, results-oriented creative that accelerates brand advancement and the expansion of market share.

Our multi-disciplinary team has the capability to develop and execute strategies across numerous mediums and applications. Our clients have access to the talent, vision, and expertise of a network of world-class advertising professionals delivered with the flexibility and personal care of a local, homegrown shop.


j. schultz, creative director, Partner

J. Schultz is committed to mastering the tightrope that runs between fanatical perfectionism and relentless momentum. He believes that creative energy produces its finest work from the power of a collaborative group; a synergistic agency-client partnership in which both parties value, appreciate, and trust the unique skill set that each individual team member brings to the table. In his nearly two decades in the industry, great clients have merged with awesome opportunities and led to numerous awards. He’s an outdoorsy, wilderness type who understands better than most that big success comes as a result of equal parts hard work and leap of faith.


kyra evans, managing director, Partner

Kyra’s biggest strength is her ability to make something from nothing. Her persistence, diligence, and tenacity led her to launch her own online community and build a global readership spanning 6 continents in less than a year- garnering attention from both industry leaders and broadcasters alike. Her innate ability to mobilize assets and spur stakeholders to action enables her to turn a creative vision into measurable, real world results with impressive efficacy. She understands that good relationships form the basis for good business, and invests genuinely in every connection she forges.